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Haris Cizmic

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Watch My Demo Video Reel

(2011-2015 Reel).  There is also an older reel (2007-2010) you can watch under “about me”. Below are some video sections of my work: Automotive jobs, Diversified jobs and Music Video/Film production. Walk-throughs, demos, CG, etc.  (Get some popcorn first).

automotive videos
diversified videos
music videos
My New Video Reel (2010-2015)

What is that I do?

I do ideation, art direction, creative work & production. As a Sr. Art Director for Advertising agencies ‘Campbell Ewald’ and ‘Team Detroit’, I’ve worked full-time on Ford, Lincoln, Chevy and Mercury accounts (among others), creating online units with millions of impressions worldwide. My work on Chevy Autobots (animation, music) was approved by S.Spielberg. I’ve created many Online Media Units (with millions of impressions each), including Ford Mustang, Lincoln MKC,  Chevy Camaro and many others. I’ve produced dozens of TV commercials for USA Lawyers and directed / edited Music Videos for bands, including Madam X,  Ingray, Maxine Petrucci, etc.As an Internationally awarded artist (see under “Awards and Recognitions”), my work was shown / published / utilized around the globe, including Hollywood film, bestselling literature, TV, major media outlets, major websites / portals. I was featured in many Design Magazines and interviewed for European and US papers, TV and radio.

  • Large Scale Corporate Campaigns,
  • Marketing Campaign Strategy,
  • Interactive Creative Branding,
  • Graphic Design, Print
  • Website Design, (WP, HTML, CSS)
  • Video and Audio Production,
  • Visual Brand Design,
  • Animation, 3D, FX,
  • Social Network Branding,
  • Creative Brainstorm Facilitation,
  • Interactive Message Strategy,
  • Creative Planning
  • Creative Team Management,
  • Campaign & Project Development,
  • Education and mentoring,
  • Client Presentations.

Internationally Awarded

I’ve got many awards and titles over the years. Just to mention few: the “D Show Award” (2010), “OMMA Award” (2009), Hard Rock’s “Ambassadors of Rock” Winner (2009), Memorex Design Award (2001), Website of the month (2002), International Music Festival “Forte” (1998), etc. (See the full list in “Awards” section below). I’ve also won many Awards for my clients, working as a vendor / outsourcer.

  • conceptual perception management

  • brand loyalty research

  • comparison and analysis

  • product ideology

  • prototyping

  • creation of comps and designs

  • testing and improving

  • presentation and review

  • graphic, web design (online, print)

  • animation (HTML5, Fl, AE)

  • video editing, FX, retouch

  • music, sound, post production

My main job responsibility is in automotive: ideation, design, production, animation, sometimes video editing and FX . Aside from that, I do graphic and web design, music videos, TV commercials, sound design and music score & production for my other clients as well (and there are many). Follow the link.
As a musician, I’ve released several albums, compilations and was Internationally Awarded on festivals.  In 2010 I’ve won a “Hard Rock’s Ambassador’s of Rock” title competing with over 50 best American rock bands. My CD release party was hosted by the biggest rock radio station in Detroit – 101WRIF.
I’ve done many TV commercials, music videos and few indie films. There are also demo reel videos, animation, custom sound design & music score, documentaries, reality show pilots (one for Discovery channel), and corporate presentations. Check out few of them shown here.

Latest From the Blog

Painting Studio Mockup

I’ve made Portrait studio mockup template that converts any photo into a cool watercolor artwork, sitting on the drawing desk. It’s available for free download from Scarab13.com (free, simpler version. there is also a link to my pro-fullfeatured version in... read more

New Online Media Units

OK this is definitely NOT something I would usually put in my portfolio at this point in my career. So, let’s just say that the significance of this post is that I’ve taken something old and re-designed it to something new. Also the animation is amazingly... read more

Interior Design of a New York Deli

I was contracted to design a small food store in New York. The budget did not allow for all the crazy stuff I really wanted to do but in the end it turned out quite nice. Pitopia is a salad place, in the heart of the 5th avenue. It used to be some old, ugly joint... read more

2017 Lincoln Continental

I just did my first work on the latest addition to Lincoln’s Fleet – a 2017 Lincoln Continental. It looks very sweet, the one exhibited at the Detroit Auto Show got my attention for sure. Not to say too much, but now we’ll see some changes in the... read more

My Scarab13 site just hit a 1Mil visits

3 Years ago, I’ve started my little design blog, that introduces my new designs, mostly available for download as commercial or free template units “for masses” – So the people who use them, even without Photoshop skills can still achieve... read more

Cosby TV Spot

Bill Cosby – TV Commercial for a Lawyer’s Office OK, I know this is a strange one. I got a request from a client to deliver a TV spot involving Bill Cosby, but to heavily retouch him (as pictured) in a 10 sec version (SD, so it’s only 720×480).... read more


This is a small collection of my work. Check Portfolio sections for more.

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