Welcome to one of the World's Largest Creative Portfolios of a single artist; an Internationally Awarded Advertising & Design Professional, a Videographer and a Musician, Haris Cizmic (Detroit, MI, USA)

Video Reel – Watch this first

Here are some videos of my work: Automotive jobs, Diversified jobs and Music Video/Film production. Demonstration, reels, walk-throughs (Just get some popcorn first).

automotive videos
diversified videos
film / music videos


I do ideation, creative work and production for major advertising companies. As a Sr. Art Director for Advertising agencies ‘Campbell Ewald’ and ‘Team Detroit’, I’ve worked full-time on Ford, Lincoln, Chevy and Mercury accounts (among others), creating online units with millions of impressions worldwide. My work on Chevy Autobots (animation, music) was approved by S.Spielberg. I’ve created some of the most viewed online media units, including Ford Mustang, Lincoln MKC,  Chevy Camaro and many others. I’ve produced dozens of TV commercials and Music Videos for popular musician, including Madam X,  Ingray, Maxine Petrucci, etc.

I’ve recently animated several conceptual openings for the new Ford look & feel – Using of the script logo and a color splash is just kicking in, in TV, websites, online media units, print. This is my little contribution to the new, latest hot trend in Ford branding – I’ve used After Effects for this task. These 4 are just a small part of the initial 20+ animations I’ve done, in a variety of styles and looks.

Internationally Awarded

I’ve got many awards and titles over the years. Just to mention few: the “D Show Award” (2010), “OMMA Award” (2009), Hard Rock’s “Ambassadors of Rock” Winner (2009), Memorex Design Award (2001), Website of the month (2002), International Music Festival “Forte” (1998), etc. (See the full list in “Awards” section below). I’ve also won many Awards for my clients, working as a vendor / outsourcer.

  • conceptual perception management

  • brand loyalty research

  • comparison and analysis

  • product ideology

  • prototyping

  • creation of comps and designs

  • testing and improving

  • presentation and review

  • graphic, web design (online, print)

  • animation (HTML5, Fl, AE)

  • video editing, FX, retouch

  • music, sound, post production

My main job responsibility is in automotive: ideation, design, production, animation, sometimes video editing and FX . Aside from that, I do graphic and web design, music videos, TV commercials, sound design and music score & production for my other clients as well (and there are many). Follow the link.

As a musician, I’ve released several albums, compilations and was Internationally Awarded on festivals.  In 2010 I’ve won a “Hard Rock’s Ambassador’s of Rock” title competing with over 50 best American rock bands. My CD release party was hosted by the biggest rock radio station in Detroit – 101WRIF.

I’ve done several dozens of TV commercials, many music videos and few indie films. There are also demo reel videos, animation, custom sound design and music score, reality show pilots (for Discovery channel etc.), corporate presentations. Check out few of them listed here, follow the link below.

Latest From the Blog

Lincoln Wishlist Mobile

2015 Lincoln Wishlist – Mobile edition Unit for Weather.com – Comp phase.  Images for different weather situations (day, night, snow, rain, sun, you get it)… The challenge here was how to strategically place the logo (in the small space provided for... read more

Lincoln.com Billboard

2015 Lincoln.com Homepage Billboard for Wishlist I was in doubt if I should even post a video, but c’mon – the lights are glowing so nicely (and very subtle, so please focus!) This is done by creating a 3-sprite transparent PNG that was coded in HTML to... read more

Ford Car Platform

New Car Platform (Ford) – New MYCO units for the recently introduced Car Platform – HTML5. We’ve gone a long way since the early days of Flash MYCO banners with 6 frames and 17 CTA’s. This is a clean set of MYCO banners that was developed over... read more

Image Splash Effect

This is one of my latest designs, a watercolor splash in few shapes and colors, that you can use on any photo. Just import your image in a smart object following instructions and pick the look you like. That’s it. Get it for only $3... read more

Old Script Logo

A client who’s logo was designed by me, just sent me a photo of a beautiful box with the logo engraved in pearl script. I bet he paid a lot for it, but it looks really... read more

F-150 Mastheads

It’s getting really busy here. Lincoln Sales events, MYCO redesigns for Ford (Car and Truck) and Lincoln, Library online media, applying the new Lincoln art styles from NY based agency Hudson Rouge, while sending comps back for their comments, re-creating our... read more
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