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Watch My Demo Video Reel

(2011-2015 Reel).  There is also an older reel (2007-2010) you can watch under “about me”. Below are some video sections of my work: Automotive jobs, Diversified jobs and Music Video/Film production. Walk-throughs, demos, CG, etc.  (Get some popcorn first).

automotive videos
diversified videos
music videos/film
My main work responsibilities are creative: Ideation, design, production, animation, video editing and FX, sound. I do graphic and web design, traditional and print, digital creative, online media, sound design. I led my MYCO Online Media Team into many victories. Follow the link below for more.
As a musician, I’ve released several albums & compilations and I performed at all kinds of venues.  In 2010 I’ve won the “Hard Rock’s Ambassador’s of Rock” title competing with over 50 best American rock bands. My CD release party was hosted by the popular rock radio station in Detroit – 101WRIF.

I’ve done many TV commercials, music videos and few indie films. There are also demo reel videos, animation, custom sound design & music score for film, documentaries, reality show pilots (one of them is made for Discovery channel), and corporate presentations. Check out the few of them shown here, as en example.


Small collection of my creative / production work. See menu for more.


A Small Collection


See more in the “NEWS” section

Independence Day Shirt

I got commissioned to design an official ‘4th of July’ Shirt for VetFriends(.com). It’s a great organization that’s helping U.S. Military Veterans Reconnect and I’ve already designed few of their designs (as seen in my few previous...

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U.S. Coast Guard Shirt Design

After I’ve designed the shirt for Veterans (see my previous post), I got commissioned to do the same, but for the US Coast Guard. I’ve also designed 2 versions, one for light and another for dark shirts. The client has decided to have me design their...

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Fallen Soldier Shirt

Last weekend I did something that deserves to be listed here, even tho many projects I work on never get mentioned on my website (it’s crowded anyway). I got commissioned to come up with a design for a shirt, on a theme “All gave some, some gave all”...

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Ford Military Bonus Event

Even though I’ve decided not to make posts about my day to day work (if it’s not really something special), this one is kinda cool. See, I developed the look and feel of the Ford’s new Veterans and Military Personal Sales Event, not expecting it to...

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AudioPhilics Logo Design

Design company I co-founded, PunkGraphic(.com), got an interesting job – designing a new logo for a manufacturer of Power amps, Pre amps, DAC’s and other audio equipment. This was a quick one. We delivered some 3 versions, client liked them all but settled...

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Taurus Sho vs Audi – reminiscence

OK, this project is already posted somewhere on this website, but seeing it again after all these years, I just had to re-post it. I am very proud of the Homepage Takeover for Taurus SHO I conceptualized, designed and produced. I cut videos, coded Flash and animated...

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Lincoln Tennis Banner – reminiscence

OK I was really happy to find this long lost (and forgotten) piece I did some 5 years ago. I remember having to conceptualize, design and animate a flash banner for (then) new Lincoln MKS. The client wanted it to reflect the (then) current Lincoln TV spots. There was...

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BLIS Banner Game – reminiscence

One of my lost work examples, (found on the lost hard drive) is this in-banner game that demonstrates BLIS (blind spot sensors). Instead of making a standard flash banner, I decided to make it more interactive, so it’s fun to navigate the vehicle left and right,...

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Augmented Reality Project

So, I was going through my old drives at work and I found this cool demo of Augmented Reality we did for Warrior Sports some 4 years ago or so (yea, we were among the first ones). I did the design of it. It features (then little) Austin Parker showing off this...

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With an Elite Author status on Envato marketplace, and over 500 Creative Files available for download, my portfolio is generally much larger and has many more items in all genres, styles and creative techniques. Print designs, website graphics, branding, Photoshop actions, brushes and other add-ons, presentations, typography, image effects and processing, animation and much more.

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