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Digital media, Advertising, UI, Mobile, Print, Web, Retouch, Music Video/Film production, Animation, TV, CG, Sound design

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Small collection of my creative / production work. (Click on thumbs).

Dr. Dre Campaign Concept (and more)

Many times people ask me what is the process that goes into creating of Ford or Lincoln advertisement pieces, that get produced with high budget for millions of people to see. Well, I will tell you something about that. Usually we hear about something new coming down...

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3D Parallax Animation

This is my latest project - A prototype of two animations for Lincoln Wishlist I did to show vendors what is that we're expecting from this unit. For the 1st animation, I've used the 3D Parallax technique to animate in After Effects. I was provided 1 flattened image...

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Lincoln Wishlist OnlineMedia

2016 Lincoln Wishlist WINTER IS COMING TO OUR SMALL AMERICAN TOWNS No, it's not the "Hart of Dixie", it's the new Lincoln Ad Campaign The new Lincoln Continental is out! Featuring a small American town, a romantic night scene and few awesome vehicles, including MKC,...

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AB Testing of Lincoln OLM

Split Testing A/B OF MYCO ONLINE MEDIA Which one will win? Well... ... that is something no one knows yet.   So, after re-designing the new Lincoln MYCO set of OLM units, I also designed a similar set, but in a different color. Instead of blue/white, I've done it...

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SUV MYCO Units ANNUAL REDESIGN GALORE "REALLY? AGAIN?..." Yes, I'm doing it again... ...and this time it will kick ass - as always...   It's about that time of the year. We don't have a "rule", or anything saying that we need to re-design our perfectly fine MYCO...

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Google Web Designer

Google Web Designer HOW TO ANIMATE ONLINE MEDIA UNITS "Two steps forward, five steps back" I miss Flash, almost romantically ...but it's gone, gone, gone (like the song) So after many years of animating, coding (AS1, AS2, AS3...well scrape the latest, I never got into...

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