Being included in any “Best Of” Selection is an honor (unless it’s your own selection). Modestly, I was on many “The Best Of” lists so far (mostly music related), I even have a “Best Of” record released. But being listed as a creator of one of the TOP WordPress Child Themes (6 out of the best 18) by one of the World’s most popular WordPress Theme makers ( of DIVI), that’s something worth listing here. Can you guess, that’s exactly what happened to me, in November of last year (some 6 days after I moved to Neverland), and I just found out about it. And it happened by accident, googling for my own theme, since I’ve lost it’s URL. See how damn serious I am about this whole child theme business?  (If you wanna read the article go HERE)

Child Themes are pre-designed WordPress websites, that people can download, upload to their websites and customize them in minutes. The best themes are visually attractive, functional and of course, responsive. I guess my theme “Studio28” is all of the above. I’m aware that it had several hundreds of downloads so far, but honestly – I did not expect to be included by ElegantThemes (trust me, they are HUGE). Maybe it’s partially because I am also including some cool goodies and add-ons (PSD templates for perfect sizing, hipster color generator, large icon gallery, just to name a few). There are also many awesome reviews of people who downloaded it.

Many popular Child Theme Markets are now offering “Studio28”, among many other, awesome Child Themes. It’s an honor, especially considering that this is my first (and so far only) Child Theme I’ve made (and I did it only to prove to myself that I can do it).  Ha!

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