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Sr. Art Director at Team Detroit

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A Strong Digital Creative and a proven Team Leader with the unique passion for creating the most immersive, emotional & interactive web experiences possible in a constantly changing & developing landscape. Strategically planning ahead, he strives to constantly improve his creative processes. Equipped with a 10+year career in Interactive Media & Digital Arts, Haris has gained extensive leadership experience working throughout a multitude of top tier agency settings.His internationally award-winning work can be seen ranging from the online experiences of different vehicle brands (Ford, Lincoln, Mercury, Chevrolet), to Fox Studios, Warrior, Scott, Bosch, Sony and more (including many European clients). Haris is exceptionally familiar, skilled and experienced in all Creative Processes, from ideation to execution – constantly envisioning ways to improve, enhance and upscale his projects and tasks. Patient, professional and dedicated as an experienced tutor. Exceptionally detail-oriented. Workaholic.

Large Scale Corporate Branding Campaigns,Marketing Campaign Strategy, Interactive Creative Website Branding, Graphic Design, Print (& prepress), Mobile UI, UX, Mobile Apps, Responsive Websites, Animation, 3D, Video and Audio Production (and post production), Visual Brand Design, FX, Social Network Branding, Creative Brainstorm Facilitation, Interactive Message Strategy, Creative Communications Planning, Creative Team Management, Campaign & Project Development, Education and mentoring of young talents, Presentation to Clients and Internal Groups. Strong SEO knowledge. Featured in “Advanced Photoshop” Magazine 08/13 – London UK, 2013; Also in Layers, @313Now, Insight, Real Detroit and many EU publications and TV shows – as a creative. (Separate appearance in hundreds of magazines, many TV shows as a musician)


- I am not updating my resume here anymore. For more info, please contact me directly -

Senior Art Director at GTB, formerly Team Detroit, Dearborn, MI May 2007 – 2017 – www.gtb.com www.teamdetroit.com;  Client: www.ford.com www.lincoln.com Creative lead on MYCO – Online Media Department, Tier 2 (Retail First – Digital).

Responsibilities include: Traditional and Digital Creative Designs. Home page takeovers for sites like MSN, Youtube, Edmunds, Yahoo, CBS, KBB, ESPN, AOL and many others (with millions of impressions). Thinking of the new ‘Out of the box’ ideas, developing of adaptive web and mobile interfaces and app concepts (native and hybrid), ideation and production of Media Units. Work with responsive grids. Also including: Animations, Video, Sound, Print (layout, pre-press). Design of animated online media (Flash, HTML5, AE),  Photo Retouch & Scene Composition. Art Direction of Photo and Video Shoots. Internal and client presentation, mentoring and work with jr. creatives and production artists. Communicating with contractors, vendors, interns and freelancers. Closely working with account, product, legal, strategy teams, analytics and PM’s in order to define new creative strategies and to deliver high quality work, within deadlines. Ideation of TV, web, print strategies aligned with the brand teams. Constantly improving, upgrading and mastering new skills, techniques and technologies.

Senior Art Director at Campbell Ewald, Warren, MI September 2006 – May 2007 (9 months) – www.c-e.com ; Client:  www.chevy.com Creative lead on the automotive portion of the chevrolet.com web experience. Ideation, concept & production work on the first “new Chevy Camaro” website (Also composition of the sound score for the intro). Online media, game apps for desktop and mobile. Animated videos and composed music for Chevy Autobots – approved by Steven Spielberg and Michael Bay in 2007. Presenting (internally and to Chevy clients),  dealing with vendors, animators, legal and product teams. Working closely with PM’s, account and product people to correctly position the new strategies and ideas. Conceptual perception management.

Art Director at Toll Free Business Solutions, Southfield, MI September 2005 – September 2006 (1 year 1 month) Worked as the Lead Designer and a Creative Lead of their marketing dept. Website design, Print, TV commercial production. Responsibilities included: Exploration of brand loyalty, re-branding, post-planning. Tutoring and mentoring of young creatives. Working on new account strategies, pitching new businesses, presenting to  clients. Creative production work. Design, design, design.

Lead Graphic & Web Designer / TV & Video Producer at Joe Cornell, Harpoon Media, Hersche’s, TSS, Detroit, MI June 2001 – September 2005  (4 years 3 months) Worked as the Lead Artist / designer / video producer. Website designs, Print, TV Commercials, Documentaries, Demo Reel production, Animation. Fashion shows. Flash based websites (hey, Flash was big in 2005). Pitching to prospective clients during seminars and expos, while entertaining them using original, charming European humor and addictive personality. Print – magazines, catalogs, posters. Signage design and improving of the existing technologies and strategies. Always thinking ahead.

Lead Graphic artist at ASU Solutions, Santa Clara, CA May 2000 – June 2001  (1 year  1 month) www.asucon.com Worked as the head of the art department, and a lead designer. Responsibilities included: UI design, Desktop & Mobile app ideation & design, Wireframes,  Website & Print design. Clients (among others): Lucent, Thomas Kinkade, Cisco, telecommunication companies.

Founder, Designer, Producer at PunkGraphic.com / Scarab13.com, (US and EU) 1998-current scarab13.com punkgraphic.com Personally owned llc. used for Freelancing in Europe and the US. Thousands of creative jobs completed, including Industrial, Graphic, Web design, Film, TV, Animation & Audio design, Sound score. Advanced Photography, Retouch, Scene Composition and Image Manipulation. Clients (among others): Sony, Fox, Swedish Industrial corporation Plena, dairy giant Milkos, Italian media group Belcanto, International mustic festival Forte, Croatian record labels, Slovenian Manufacturing Industries, etc. Industrial design includes furniture, packaging, ambalage, labels, boxes, cups, machine parts etc. Ask for more info/examples.

Assistant Teacher High School of Applied Arts, Sarajevo, BA 1998-2000 Assisting a Graphic Design teacher. Tutoring of High School Seniors in Graphic / Digital Design and Computer Graphics, while getting a BA degree at the University of Arts.


Art University – Academy of Applied Arts Sarajevo, Bosnia BA, Product Design 1995 – 2000 Industrial / Product Design


Music Recording and Performing (see under Music) Film Editing & FX, Demo Reel production Music video Production Painting & drawing, Photoshop Design Resources Photography, Retouch, Scene Composition and Image Manipulation


  • Featured in dozens of magazine articles, radio and TV interviews, few cover page photos.
  • International Music Festival “Forte98” Audience Award – AXA – “Stay Sleepless”,1998
  • MEMOREX design award, BEST CD COVER DESIGN, May 2000
  • OMMA online media award – DESIGN TEAM “Sync”, 2009
  • D-Show Award -DESIGN, ANIMATION, SOUND – “Warrior”, 2010
  • Official Selection on Cannes Festival – Ford Mustang Video 2010
  • AUDIENCE AWARD, FERNDALE FILM FESTIVAL, 2011 – Best Short Film “One Last Call”
  • F3 Film festival for Best Alternative Fantasy for “One Last Call”, 2011
  • Music videos aired on MTV (UK), many European TV channels (1996-2008), Chiller TV (2013), music aired on dozens of radio stations in Europe and the US including 101 WRIF, 89X, etc.
  • 4 out of 10 “Best Design Poster Templates” on Tripwire Magazine list, 2011
  • ELITE status on Envato Marketplace, Melbourne Australia 2012
  • Featured in Advanced Photoshop Magazine, England 2013
  • Hit 50 Mil Impression Mark- 2016 Lincoln MKC Homepage Takeovers 2016
  • Awarded with over a dozen professional Certificates (design, technology, language…) 2002-2016
  • Included in “The Best Of” by ElegantThemes.com (for a wordpress child theme creation), 2017

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