There are many hundreds of my automotive video demos, captures and walk-through, but since this player is limited, it only shows some 50 of them. My Automotive video work includes Homepage takeovers, online media units, flash animated banners HTML banners, animations, intros, advertisements, commercials and more. My video work was featured on Cannes Lions festival in 2010 (Ford Mustang).
Some of the best performing units (with many millions of impressions) are: 2015 Lincoln MKC Homepage Takeover (featuring Matthew Mcconaughey), 2015 Ford Mustang homepage takeover & microsite, 2014 Ford F-150 and 2013 Fusion (homepage takeovers with advanced animation). Obviously, the most popular units are homepage takeovers that lived on the homepages of the websites like: KBB, Autotrader, Youtube, MSN, AOL, Weather, Crackle, Hulu, ESPN and many others.


I often shoot, edit and do post production for Music videos, short and independent film, corporate presentations, demo reels, TV commercials and other video work. Some of my music video works include: AXA, Ingray, HC (My solo music project), Maxine Petrucci, Madam X, Ermira Babalui, Spyderbaby, and others. I’ve done professional video editing for NHL, ESPN, Youtube, Chevrolet Silverado, some European TV stations, companies like Launch Talent Search, BlindSpot Production, Warrior Sports, Ford Mustang (+Escape, Fusion, etc), Lincoln (MKC, MKX, Navigator), Chevy Camaro, and many others. Some of my TV commercials include 1-800-law, Kresch Legal, TCP Inc, Harpoon media, etc.


This category consists of some videos, reels, animations, banner and other media units that I’ve made for my non-Automotive clients. There IS some automotive work here (Chevy), but being a part of an elaborate web design concept, it deserves it’s place here. My Warrior (sports) work featured here (ideation, design & production of animations, intros and banners) got me the Prestige “D-Show Award” in 2010 (Annual competition of Detroit’s advertising companies in several categories).
Also the SYNC unit you’ll see here got me the OMMA Award in 2009 (International Online Media Award). That project was done by a nice team of creative people, also featuring Jamie Hewlett (from the band Gorillaz). Not that it matters, my name is mentioned 3 times in the OMMA magazine article at that time). Included are my 2 Demo reels (2007-2010 and 2010-2015)


Being one of the top Authors on Envato Market (Elite Status since 2012), I have over 500 CREATIVE, PREMADE UNITS – design templates, goodies and other downloadable items ready for download. Sometimes people are not skilled enough to actually use those templates (even though, they are well documented, organized and tweakable in a matter of minutes). That’s why I sometimes release instructional videos to help them achieve the professional results they are looking for. All the videos are showing my original designs.
I also used to do demo videos for several popular design & photoshop blogs and forums. I got published in a prestige British magazine Advanced Photoshop (among many others).


For much more visit my fan page (

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