MY MOBILE DESIGNS (phone/tablet)

Selection of some of my favorite mobile designs, mostly Automotive

Mobile designs (phone / tablet) are something I do since we started serving ads to mobile users. These are just few recent examples of Homepage Takeovers, Online Media Units, UI (including some Futuristic UI I did), apps, etc. I did not show here any of a gazillion mobile banners, since they won’t look too pretty in the small preview images (to small!). Anyway there are enough of examples posted here to showcase my mobile creative units.

People recently asked me what was my role here and what exactly have I done. Well, to eliminate such questions, I did it all – I designed everything you see. Actually I did much more than this, but I don’t save and keep all the links / files. Many cool mobile units I designed are not available anymore. That’s especially true for the ones I designed for different iPhone & Android apps – since my clients would place an order, I would deliver their backgrounds, UI, CTA’s and other graphic elements that they would later use in the apps, without me ever knowing about the final product. I don’t really care about those, since I am always busy with something else.



Two quick live demos. I’ve designed 2015 Mustang HPTO for Desktop, phone, tablet (in horizontal and vertical). These unites were not responsive, since they were coded like apps, and not micro-sites.

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