I’ve done a cool total corporate design for a popular Data Analytics company. What started as a simple developing of some cool digital artwork for purpose of improving their global look and feel, turned into an intensive video editing / animation or a Demo video reel, and finally progressed to designing and developing of their whole official corporate website. After I started doing some wireframes, I realized that it’s just a waste of time and proceeded to design a highly artistic, graphic rich website which was not what they expected (too much of scary stuff), so I downsized, simplified and adjusted creating the final version that made everyone very happy.
I’ve also done many digital artwork images for website headers, their PPT presentations and eMailers.  I am still having trouble pushing for a more creative concepts, while they would rather play safe and keep it simple.
So far, I’m winning…


Work on a corporate video was so much fun, since I’ve combined Photoshop, After Effects, Cinema4D and even Elements 2.0, a powerful 3D platform for AE. Then, at some point my video workstation (my only computer that’s not a mac) powered by windows 10 crashed so loud, it echoed in Alaska. I lost all the apps, programs and plugins – luckily all the data was preserved, but I had to install so much software all over again. Fact that my music production is wiped out makes me nervous, knowing that I’ll have to spend days making it all functional…

Website was done in the middle of personal shitstorm (but I am not talking about my personal life here), I worked all day and all night for several weeks. Now all that’s left is to do SEO, to connect a CDN and to do small adjustments. Most of the pages are below, but there is more. There is always more.

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