In My Veins – Music Video

Music Video © 2013 BlindSpot Production, Haris Cizmic “In My Veins”. Music by Haris C. – ASCAP
Directed, edited by Haris Cizmic. Camera by Scott Sprague. Watch it on VEVO – Download it on iTunes
Official music video for “In My Veins” by Haris Cizmic. It was partially used in the soundtrack for the movie “One Last Call”. Directed by Scott Sprague. Edited by Haris Cizmic.

Featuring David Dupuie, Eric Geiner, Savanah, Denice, Amanda R., Angel Dawn, Davey McConnell , Zlatan Cizmic, Jamie Burnham, Grady Chambless. Make-up:Vera Khzouz, Stylist: Megan Wilson. Special appearance by Otto.

On the set

of my music video shoot for the song “In My Veins” with my video crew – Group photo. Toward the end of the (weeks long) shooting at Scott Sprague’s Blindspot Studios (which we use a lot for our artistic stuff, music videos, films, photos, etc).

Working on this video was a blast. Editing, on the other hand, was a lonely, silent getaway, with a lot of wine in a dark editing room of my house.

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