KBB Homepage Takeover

I designed and made for 2015 Ford F-150. Went live on Autotrader.com and Kelly Blue Book (KBB.com).
This one was a fun thing to do (it involves smashing into the walls, sparks and other destructive elements). I loved cutting the video, masking it, adding effects to it, and then comping the whole “through the wall” thing, as well as the side-push of the main stage to reveal the microsite.

I have skinned the gutters, made few supporting banners (expandable 300×250 is also animated) and all in all – it was a very successful Homepage Takeover with many millions of impressions. I also did HomepageTakeovers for Fusion, Mustang, MKC (2 of them), Flex, Taurus, etc. Watch the videos below.

These few Online Media Banners are also designed and produced by me (in flash).

There were many more done for Ford, Lincoln and other clients.

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