Split Testing


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Which one will win? Well…

… that is something no one knows yet.


So, after re-designing the new Lincoln MYCO set of OLM units, I also designed a similar set, but in a different color. Instead of blue/white, I’ve done it in white/orange combination, hoping that our Lincoln client will make a quick decision, so we can start with mass production. Well, unexpectedly, they expressed desire to see them both running head to head (color to color), in order to split-test and to make their final decision upon collecting some data. Now I am doing sooooome…. (7 vehicles x 2 messages x 2 colors x 4 sizes per color) comps. (You do the math) Well, it’s a lot anyway. Also I’m comping the Library (offer) items on top of it. Joy for the whole family.

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