My Video / Film Work

I shoot, edit and do post production for Music videos, short and independent film, corporate presentations, demo reels, TV commercials and other video work. Some of my music video works include: AXA, Ingray, HC (My solo music project), Maxine Petrucci, Madam X, Ermira Babalui, Spyderbaby, and others. I’ve done professional video editing for NHL, ESPN, Youtube, Chevrolet Silverado, some European TV stations, companies like Launch Talent Search, BlindSpot Production, Warrior Sports, Ford Mustang (+Escape, Fusion, etc), Lincoln (MKC, MKX, Navigator), Chevy Camaro, and many others. Some of my TV commercials include 1-800-law, Kresch Legal, TCP Inc, Harpoon media, etc.

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