Dapresy Data Visualization | Total Design work for an Interactive Infographics and Data Analytic Company “Dapresy”(SaaS Platform)

You haven’t head of Dapresy Data Visualization? I had a nice gig of redesigning the whole marketing platform, look and feel of a large Swedish Infographics company Dapresy. Among others things, I did theirĀ Official website, online media, print, promo videos, animations (lots of it), Interactive dashboards, sale documents, and much more. Since images talk more than words, here is the partial potfolio, in form of tight, small, busy selection. Each element has a story, but I don’t want to write a novel. Another thing I experienced working for them is a large amount of frustration from their “existing marketing team” located in the US and my “boss” who was a 70 yr old woman without a single day in marketing. Her dated, vintage ideas were a reason I pulled more hair than it fell out in all my years of existence. Still, I am pretty proud of what I’ve accomplished, even though someone else is already messing with the website, making some layouts missaligned, text going over CTA’s etc.
My workload for Dapresy included:

– Website design (On wordpress DIVI platform), Pardot Integration, animated mastheads and sliders
– website Intro video (now shown on Overview page), with animations including a cool logo animation I’ve developed, which will be included in all their videos from now on.
– Promo, demo vides, reels, webinar videos, another logo animation (see video below)
– Existing video enhancements
– Animated .gifs and looping animations
– Print – postcards, letterheads, magazine ads, posters, etc.
– Dashboards – Interactive data analytic tools, forms, 3D schematics
– Online media, static and animated banners, e-mailers, headers
– Extra graphics to be used in future company’s mailers and ads
– Icons and infographics
– Redesign of their sale documents and presentations
– Redesign of internal documents and schematics


website walkthrough

Company’s demo reel

Logo animation

Booth video for expos

Partial Portfolio of my creative work for Dapresy


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