My Automotive Videos

There are many hundreds of my automotive video demos, captures and walk-through, but since this player is limited, it only shows some 50 of them. My Automotive video work includes Homepage takeovers, online media units, flash animated banners HTML banners, animations, intros, advertisements, commercials and more. My video work was featured on Cannes Lions festival in 2010 (Ford Mustang).

Some of the best performing units (with many millions of impressions) are: 2015 Lincoln MKC Homepage Takeover (featuring Matthew Mcconaughey), 2015 Ford Mustang homepage takeover & microsite, 2014 Ford F-150 and 2013 Fusion (homepage takeovers with advanced animation). Obviously, the most popular units are homepage takeovers that lived on the homepages of the websites like: KBB, Autotrader, Youtube, MSN, AOL, Weather, Crackle, Hulu, ESPN and many others.


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