My Diversified Videos

This category consists of some videos, reels, animations, banner and other media units that I’ve made for my non-Automotive clients. There IS some automotive work here (Chevy), but being a part of an elaborate web design concept, it deserves it’s place here. My Warrior (sports) work featured here (ideation, design & production of animations, intros and banners) got me the Prestige “D-Show Award” in 2010 (Annual competition of Detroit’s advertising companies in several categories).

Also the SYNC unit you’ll see here got me the OMMA Award in 2009 (International Online Media Award). That project was done by a nice team of creative people, also featuring Jamie Hewlett (from the band Gorillaz). Not that it matters, my name is mentioned 3 times in the OMMA magazine article at that time).¬†Included are my 2 Demo reels (2007-2010 and 2010-2015)


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