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2016 Truck Platform

I know I promised I won't be posting many of my day-to-day work-related designs / units, but this one is important. Why, you ask? Well, because it's entirely done in H5, as opposed to Flash (which is dead, dead, dead). We still don't have capabilities to simulate...

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Book Illustrations

I just stumbled upon the artwork I did some time ago, for a client who wrote and was publishing a book for children. I have actually illustrated almost a dozen of books for kids over the years, so this brought back memories. I did my first such project around 1998 or...

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Ford StakeHolders Units

I think I'll soon become way more selective with my posted work and projects. Not because I don't like everything I design / Art direct, but because there is SO MUCH ordinary stuff that honestly I don't care about much. Yes, those units get many millions of...

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Painting Studio Mockup

I've made Portrait studio mockup template that converts any photo into a cool watercolor artwork, sitting on the drawing desk. It's available for free download from Scarab13.com (free, simpler version. there is also a link to my pro-fullfeatured version in a very...

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New Online Media Units

OK this is definitely NOT something I would usually put in my portfolio at this point in my career. So, let's just say that the significance of this post is that I've taken something old and re-designed it to something new. Also the animation is amazingly nice and...

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Interior Design of a New York Deli

I was contracted to design a small food store in New York. The budget did not allow for all the crazy stuff I really wanted to do but in the end it turned out quite nice. Pitopia is a salad place, in the heart of the 5th avenue. It used to be some old, ugly joint...

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2017 Lincoln Continental

I just did my first work on the latest addition to Lincoln's Fleet - a 2017 Lincoln Continental. It looks very sweet, the one exhibited at the Detroit Auto Show got my attention for sure. Not to say too much, but now we'll see some changes in the whole Lincoln lineup....

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My Scarab13 site just hit a 1Mil visits

3 Years ago, I've started my little design blog, that introduces my new designs, mostly available for download as commercial or free template units "for masses" - So the people who use them, even without Photoshop skills can still achieve serious professional creative...

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Cosby TV Spot

Bill Cosby - TV Commercial for a Lawyer's Office OK, I know this is a strange one. I got a request from a client to deliver a TV spot involving Bill Cosby, but to heavily retouch him (as pictured) in a 10 sec version (SD, so it's only 720x480). Also they had to get it...

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SavingLives Inc

Saving Lives Inc - Social Services People at a Chicago-based Social Services Agency “Saving Live” take individuals with mental illnesses under their wing, and help them improve their quality of life through sessions of clinical therapies in a supportive and nurturing...

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Ermira Video

(Yet Another) Music Video OK This is an interesting one. Few years back, Scott Sprague and I (the unbeatable Blindspot Production Force from Russell Studios) did the music video for a popular Albanian pop-star. It was a gig, we shot the video, we got paid and went...

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Lincoln Wishlist Mobile

2015 Lincoln Wishlist - Mobile edition Unit for Weather.com - Comp phase.  Images for different weather situations (day, night, snow, rain, sun, you get it)... The challenge here was how to strategically place the logo (in the small space provided for branding), while...

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