OK this is definitely NOT something I would usually¬†put in my portfolio at this point in my career. So, let’s just say that the significance of this post is that I’ve taken something old and re-designed it to something new. Also the animation is amazingly nice and subtly elegant, considering that it’s not Flash anymore but H5 (which is still too rough and bulky and simple for serious animation).

Yes, I do miss animating $hit of realistic cars stopping in the real estate of the banner, with it’s tiny wheels respecting all physic laws, and a tiny, barely visible dive of the halted hood (imagine a sound of a pleasant¬†pin drop overlaying slo-mo images of a large white feather hitting a cat’s nose in the sunset).
I miss that realistic, perfect animated crap. H5 will never replace it. Well maybe someday, but not soon.
So back to my project, I have, well, re-designed these CPO banners. I squeezed SO MUCH into a such a small space. I made it pretty. Nothing more, nothing less.


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