I think I’ll soon become way more selective with my posted work and projects. Not because I don’t like everything I design / Art direct, but because there is SO MUCH ordinary stuff that honestly I don’t care about much. Yes, those units get many millions of impressions and yes, they are important advertising pieces, showcasing the results of months-long collaboration of Project management, Legal team, creatives (me), Product team, Analytics and of course, client (Ford, Lincoln and the others). I admit that I’d like my portfolio to only showcases my best work and amazing websites, animations, concepts and designs. However this is real life and we all do stuff for living (‘stuff’ being a nice word for ‘shit’). That being said, I do put all my creative effort or a perfectionist creative person in EVERY unit I conceptualize / design / produce (or AD). I never slack on anything because the FIRST time I get embarrassed with my work, I’ll know that my career is over. But my enemies should be worried – that won’t happen for decades, if I’m still around…

Oh and about this project – It’s a Ford StakeHolders unit (one of some 20-ish I’ve just finished. They will live (among other places) on:
fordcredit.com, fordpartner.com, myplan.ford.com, fordspecialevent.com, thinkfordfirst.com, dealer connection sites, dealer connection – social sites, etc. and be seen by many millions of people (soft: ‘yey’). LOT of going back and forth regarding the vehicle, light, scene, etc.



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