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Digital media, Advertising, UI, Mobile, Print, Web, Retouch, Music Video/Film production, Animation, TV, CG, Sound design

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Small collection of my creative / production work. (Click on thumbs).


SUV MYCO Units ANNUAL REDESIGN GALORE "REALLY? AGAIN?..." Yes, I'm doing it again... ...and this time it will kick ass - as always...   It's about that time of the year. We don't have a "rule", or anything saying that we need to re-design our perfectly fine MYCO...

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Google Web Designer

Google Web Designer HOW TO ANIMATE ONLINE MEDIA UNITS "Two steps forward, five steps back" I miss Flash, almost romantically ...but it's gone, gone, gone (like the song) So after many years of animating, coding (AS1, AS2, AS3...well scrape the latest, I never got into...

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All Those Placements

Online Media Placements WHERE DO ALL THOSE BANNERS GO? by Haris BANNERS! Soooo I know I said I won't write about my Online Media banners anymore...well, sue me. It's what I do some 36.2% of the time, anyway. Well, what happens with those banners, expandable units,...

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Lincoln Online Media

New Lincoln MYCO are in progress - Yes, we're changing the templates again, and not only that - now we're separating them between a "regular" MYCO units and a special, event-driven MYCO banners (Spring event, Sumer event, etc...). So here are few examples of the brand...

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Ford Summer Event

I am working on a bunch of Ford Summer Event online media units. You can check an early animation prototype below. A fun project to do, especially when also designing a 2016 Lincoln Summer Event and all other online media (and there's a LOT of it). The worst thing...

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Independence Day Shirt

I got commissioned to design an official '4th of July' Shirt for VetFriends(.com). It's a great organization that's helping U.S. Military Veterans Reconnect and I've already designed few of their designs (as seen in my few previous posts). Here are two designs shown,...

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