Even though I’ve decided not to make posts about my day to day work (if it’s not really something special), this one is kinda cool. See, I developed the look and feel of the Ford’s new Veterans and Military Personal Sales Event, not expecting it to go through, considering that some 5 other places and their teams were also developing the same thing. Finally it all went to the client and guess which one they choose? It did come as a surprise, but it feels good. What also comes with it is resizing and development for all different serving sites, platforms, devices – which is what I am currently blasting through. My specs sheet is 4 pages long, there are animated placements (so I am also “directing” the animation), online-media units, print pieces (with different specs, those are in inches, CMYK, 300dpi, bleed or no bleed, etc, etc.) Thank God I am more than specialized in both digital and traditional design and development (who said broadcast? yes that one too, but it counts as traditional).

So, you’ll be probably seeing a lot of these banners, homepage takeovers, ads, billboards and commercials very soon. My proud and joy. Just saying…

UPDATE: First units went live on Ford.com 5/24/16. Total of over 40 sizes, in HTML5 and static, served by DoubleClick. Desktop and Mobile.

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