OK, this project is already posted somewhere on this website, but seeing it again after all these years, I just had to re-post it. I am very proud of the Homepage Takeover for Taurus SHO I conceptualized, designed and produced. I cut videos, coded Flash and animated the whole thing (back then creatives did NOT run crying to vendors, they were manly men, producing their pieces themselves)!

I loved the process, from comping, to masking and cutting, adding effects, and making the whole short piece very dynamic. I remember the finish rate was huge, most people waited for it to end before moving on with their lives, and we got many millions of impressions. Client loved it. I loved it. My people at Campbell Ewald¬†loved it and all of the sudden everyone is taking credit of my work, lol (what else is new in the advertising world – When 2 of us designed and produced the official Chevy Camaro website, including demos, music, galleries, etc) all of the sudden some 30 people put it in their resumes – from project managers, to legal and analytic teams. And if it sucked, I would be the one to blame, of course)…

See the video demo here: 


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