OK I was really happy to find this long lost (and forgotten) piece I did some 5 years ago. I remember having to conceptualize, design and animate a flash banner for (then) new Lincoln MKS. The client wanted it to reflect the (then) current Lincoln TV spots. There was one commercial featuring slowly flying tennis ball that goes hi-tech, using cool slo-mo shots and dark backgrounds. Well, our flash banners were limited to only 40kb (which is a size of a smaller image people post on FB), which didn’t discourage me from making this banner. I just loved animating in Flash, since I had so much more control than now using HTML5 (which is bulky and lacking so many options and possibilities – they call that “progress”)…

Needless to say, our Lincoln clients loved it and it went live all over the internet in 2011.
Watch the demo video of the flash banner:


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