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PHD Hockey Website

I've just launched another website for a client - NFL Jason Williams's  PHD Hockey Essentials website is up and running at http://www.phdhockey.net. I've done design, webdesign, retouch, animation, code, video editing, sound.

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This is a quick post. I am so slammed, working on the website for a NHL player Jason Williams, doing a CD cover for Madam X, cutting 3 versions of TV commercials for TCP Marketing and of course, working on Ford and Lincoln accounts. I love the way Picnic animated my...

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StaPhocused Website

I have just finished a website for Sta'Phocused Media Production Company from Chicago. I do work for them as well, as one of the main artists. The website is very modern, clean, with a lot of content, videos, sliders,.... It has a responsive design and easy access to...

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Tier 2 Animated Units

We're getting the first animations for review. I am very happy and proud, they look awesome. Still there is no time to celebrate, I'm about to design 30 flash/video units for Ford, featuring awesome 30-sec videos that Barry shot in CA recently.  Also 2015 models are...

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What a crazy period - I've finished design for a Chicago College Catalog, logos for an American Ninja Warrior and some awesome design templates, already on sale (on scarab13.com and graphicriver.net). At the same time, I've developed new look and feel for 2014/15 Ford...

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Redesigning MYCO

After my recent successful job with redesigning of Lincoln MYCO units (who are currently in production), I've started same work with FORD MYCO in 3 main sizes.Trying to preserve the look/feel of our Digital team's website work, while maintaining all the functionality...

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Lincoln Makers 2

New design (but not the ones from 2014), in collaboration with Hudson Rouge, NY and traditional Campaigns. Lincoln Online Media Flash Animated Units.

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