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DownloadSoho is growing

OK...what I initially thought it's gonna be a small one-item sales page is now turning into a full website. DownloadSoho is definitely more than 1 action shop. When I've realized that I get between 50-120 visits a day (which is not bad for a brand new domain. For...

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MKZ – Flash Animations

OK I love doing flash animations. There is something very calming about them. I put so much attention to detail, but it's going very fast - I don't lose any time. Here is just a quick element, a simple movie clip showing a car (Lincoln MKZ) coming to a stop. It's less...

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Lincoln Ideas

OK I really don't have enough time to take too much care of this website - There are dozens of new Logos, designs and projects I'm working on (and finished ones) that I'm not even mentioning here. It's also because I take care of my other sites: Scarab13...

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“The Best Of”…me…

I never thought I'll be releasing any of those "The Best Of" albums and projects. In my mind that was somehow always reserved for huge, established bands with gazillion of albums. Still, when I recently got offered such project, I thought about my career - clearly I...

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Set of 23 Pro Actions Released

I've just launched a small one-page website, www.downloadsoho.com, selling my set of 23 portrait photoshop actions for photographers and creative professionals. the set's called "Elementary Hipster" and it features many modern image looks and treatments as well as...

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Sketches and Concepts…

Yesterday I was given an interesting task - to roughly think of some animations for Spring Event Lincoln banners, featuring things like, well, spring...then showcasing approved features like rearview camera, intelligent wipers, etc. I did just a very very quick and...

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Ford Compare Pages

Recently, Iv'e designed some Ford direct site templates for dealers (Compare pages, where you can just pick which Ford vehicle you want compared to what other car/truck in it's class). Those are already live (yeee) and we're already thinking about the next stage -...

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Ford eMailers – Design

After very successful 'skinning' of Lincoln eMailers, I'm doing the same thing for Ford ones. One would think that it's a very boring thing to do, but actually, when you have a total freedom to do whatever you want, (upgrading some old, crappy design) then you...

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New Flash Banner Animations

Honestly, I love animating in flash. It's about subtle movement, easing, elegantly slowing images down and paying attention to artistic elements of it. I am a modest guy, but I've never met anyone else who is THAT detail oriented as I am when it comes to flash, or AE...

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One Last Call – Full movie

Short Indie Film done by me and few close friends is about crime and remorse. Story about two thugs who, after murdering a girl at the party, die in a car crash (without even knowing it), only to face Angel of Death, who will make them beg for forgiveness before...

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Lincoln Summer Event

It's always nice to see something you've spent so much time on (with the rest of the company) finally taking shape and getting published. We did many home page takeovers, summer sale banners, units, TV commercials - all following the new look and feel. Now the problem...

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2015 Mustang HPTO

2015 Mustang Homepage Takeover for Autotrader.com (Dec 2014). Featuring Desktop, Tablet and Mobile versions. Youtube videos are unlisted and for personal portfolio preview only. Watch the Walk Through Videos - Deskop, Tablet and Mobile...

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