I’ve found some old VHS tapes from the mid-90’s with footage of my band “Macko Flack”. Macko Flack was a rock band from Sarajevo, (Bosnia) that existed from 1993 to 1996. We performed in clubs (without electricity or heating) during the Bosnian War, usually powered by generators, while curfew was in progress. Band’s members would quickly replace their Army uniforms with jeans and jackets in the cold backstages, trying to raise their body temperatures with vodka and plum schnaps moonshine. we had almost no way to practice, so our shows were always unique and unforgettable.
We became pretty popular in 1994, and were featured in daily newspapers, local TV shows and radio. In 1994, Macko Flack won few awards, including the one for the Rock Ballad of the Year. Only few short years later, we drifted into the “where are they now” section of local radio stations. Looking from this perspective, we were young, drunk, frightened and we couldn’t play for $#%$, but we had so much fun doing it. It gave our lives some meaning, in times when death was all around and we never knew if we’ll survive the next day.

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