I’ve just launched¬†a¬†small one-page website, www.downloadsoho.com, selling my set of 23 portrait photoshop actions for photographers and creative professionals. the set’s called “Elementary Hipster” and it features many modern image looks and treatments as well as some very new and original. The set is made with professionals in mind, and for HiRes images only. It is a “fire and forget” set of actions, which means there is no complicated adjustment, no stops to tweak settings, etc. Just load your image, press play on the action you want and it will make it nice, and purty. It will also sharpen photos and create a very subtle vignette. Every action is not made for every kind of a photo, but these will work on majority of subjects. they come with 2 bonus actions – White Removal and Selective Focus.
So far, I’ve sold few sets and I am thinking about expanding it, adding more stuff for the buck. Right now those are going on a special promotion – 85% off reg price – and only $8!

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