OK I really don’t have enough time to take too much care of this website – There are dozens of new Logos, designs and projects I’m working on (and finished ones) that I’m not even mentioning here. It’s also because I take care of my other sites:


and actively updating them. Currently I’m getting ready to publish an awesome set of 12 Premium Actions for Photographers, another set of 8 Actions as well as a huge set of over 350 (!) vintage / modern hipster vectors for ChalkBoard designs (ribbons, banners, boards, insects, shields, anchors, arrows, fonts, etc). It will be monumental!
Also, I am still uploading stuff on GraphicRiver (I have less and less time for that one honestly), plus I’m editing one music video and trying to have a normal family life. So, don’t mind me not updating my portfolio more often. It’s much easier to just write a blog like this, than to create more posts, resize images, make videos, upload to categories, blah blah. It’s over-crowded anyway:)

This is a very very rough idea for Lincoln’s new Smart Wipers (taking away rain and bringing sunshine and Spring). It’s for Spring Event so it fits perfectly. I had some 2 hours for concept and comps, so don’t judge too hard. Wish that I can animate it in flash as well, but this baby goes out to the vendor, because we’re too slammed with other stuff….

Final produced units…

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