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Website goes LIVE!

Welcome to my portfolio - the official website of Haris Cizmic. Let me say something about this site. Decision to make it mostly visual was made early in the production of the site.  I wanted my work to speak for itself, even when being visually combined with many...

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Site Launch in few days

OK, I'm at the point where I can spend few more months on tweaking my new site (this one), or I can as well release it. There will never be a perfect portfolio site for me, considering that there are so many awesome jobs I haven't included,  and there are some average...

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My files are on the 1st page of Google

I have just realized that if you google "old west poster template", you'll see some 6 image results right away. To be clear, if you keep digging, you'll see that there are some 243.000 results. However, those first six are usually the ones that get all the traffic....

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New Youtube Channel

Today I've finally done my Template tutorial youtube channel AGAIN. I already had it all set up, but for some mysterious reason Google decided to disable my gmail account used to LOG into my channel. So, I couldn't log in anymore, with some 17,000 views in few months....

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2014 Ford Fusion hpto

Homepage Takeover for 2014 Fusion Hybrid - Autotrader.com. Done today. First round of reviews tomorrow. At the same time redesigning Lincoln banners and fixing countless MYCO flash units for Ford. Oh...

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Successful Project Delivery

I just delivered all my designs for Ford Concert Cash with Live Nation (tickets, Pandora membership, etc). My task was to design the look and feel for the project and develop different units (cards, coupons, posters, website landing page, ...). I started by developing...

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