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Camaro Website Art

One still page of the Camaro Website (I designed and produced), showing my hand-drawing of the car and the engineer who designed the vehicle.

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Country Banner Card

Chevy Music - CMA Cards (Country Music Awards). This one was big. I remember this whole campaign used to live on all existing media - TV, print, web.  If we had tablets and mobile back then, we would've surely do those as well. I've comped and designed many cards in...

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Chevy Badges

Backstage passes, badges designs I did for Chevy Music. Chevy did a lot of advertising by using musicians, popular bands and music portals / players and social media. Facebook was not out yet but Chevy had ideas for it's own social media based on music and fans.

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Chevy Banners

Few more examples of 160x600 standard flash units (read flash banners, that I would design and animate). Back then we didn't have 3rd party vendors to animate our $hite. We would do concepts, design, animation, everything, We were MEN, not these hipster princesses,...

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