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2015 Mustang HPTO

Homepage Takeover design and production work in progress for all-new 2015 Mustang HPTO. Featuring GT, EcoBoost and V6. there will be some eye candies as well as ear candies. You guessed right, this baby PURRRRRS! Also you won't believe this HPW and MPG. It's all...

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Lincoln Mailers 2015

And it's all back to normal again - after a nice long Holiday, I'm designing more Automotive stuff. Just finished redesign for Ford Direct Dealer Websites (it ended up different that I wanted it to be since client insisted on orange buttons and soooooo much navigation...

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Mustang HPTO

Working on the 2015 Mustang HPTO. Very cool project, it should be shown on several websites. It's still a very early stage of the project tho, it's scheduled to launch in few months. CGI will take a long to render.

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Lincoln MKC HPTO

My latest homepage takeover went live today on KBB.com (for 2015 Lincoln MKC) featuring Matthew McConnaughey (admiring MKC and doing his finger thing). It starts with a nice short video, collapses to a pencil and expands into a microsite on click (see...

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Halloween Posters

I've made a Top 25 Best Halloween Poster list - and of course, they are all mine (Mwuahahahahaa). I've created a page and also a youtube video demonstrating it. Each thumbnail takes to it's respected sales page. Wy didn't I remember this every year, for every holiday?...

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My New Marketplace

I have launched my new marketplace, CreativeArtMarket.com. Also Scarab13 won't have any items for sale anymore - instead it will be a marketing zone for my graphicRiver and CreativeArtMarket items. Mailing list is growing rapidly, so I've decided to add more free...

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MKC Overdrive Unit is Live

My Homepage Takeover for 2015 Lincoln MKC is live on Autotrader.com this whole week. First analytics came back looking great. Launching another one on KBB.com in few days, with slightly different design.

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New Flash Animations

I would lie if I say that I don't like animating in flash. Especially when it comes to showing our vendors how to do it properly. So I am just animating some flash banners for Truck Month, showing how the animation should go and how dynamic it will be. It's all about...

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2015 MKC Mobile

Autotrader Homepage Takeover for 2015 Lincoln MKC - I did concept, design, art directing for Desktop, Tablet and Mobile executions. Served by Pointroll.

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