I am finalizing this calendar year with an ELITE status on GraphicRiver.net. I did slide for 1 place down on the list of Top Authors, though. I am #6 now ( I was #4 and #5 earlier this year), but in the graphic community of 4,545.375 members, I am not too depressed because of it. Actually I was slacking and uploading less items than before, which showed in my repositioning – however, I have a great reason for it. I got married to a wonderful and a beautiful woman, we were traveling, enjoying life, then we got an awesome puppy pug and its a full throttle family life now.  Yes, my sales suffered – but there is more to life than work. I am still keeping quite busy juggling my other gigs (TV commercials for the US client, video trailers for an Indian company, annual brochures and catalogs for a college in Chicago…) on top of my everyday Agency’s work, so it’s a handful.  Luckily the holidays started today. 13 days of family and fun.

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