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Website Designs

Few more examples of my Chevy website designs. Including Chevy Nation and Chevy Music. Chevy nation was a huge project, actually it was too massive, and once it fully launched (after my departure from Campbell Ewald), it didn't take too much time to crash and burn in...

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Malibu Concept

A concept image I've composed for Chevy Malibu - Malibu purse - mockup image. It was a part of the whole "new Malibu" thing - a website, proper online media and some merchandize (a purse) made by a popular brand, using Malibu logo. We used this frame to sell the idea...

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Chevy Nation – Final

Fragments of the final Chevy Nation Website. That was a huge project, done by CE and few vendor companies, all animated in Flash (hey, back then flash was big), powered by hundreds of small .XML scripts we would write, re-write and upload usually 'till 3.00AM, when...

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Nascar Room

Concept Art I've done For Chevy Nation - NASCAR Room. It was a very interesting idea to have a 3D modeled room where you can move and look around, with navigation cleverly placed in the references all over the place. Today the idea is funny, considering that the whole...

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Chevy Websites

More examples of my designs. Included are Chevy's main site re-design (chevy.com), and some Chevy Social sites. Dang, I've designed so many different Chevy sites back then...

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Chevy Music

Oh, there's more of this? OK here are some more designs of several Chevy Music and Chevy Nation pages, I did. There were probably many dozens of those sites (always "in progress") I would design, re-design, we would sell them to clients, and then re-design some more,...

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