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Lincoln Room

Homepage takeover design (stillshot) for Lincoln MKS. Published on MSN.com. Video walk-through is MIA.

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Couch RoadTrip

This was a fun project to do. I've taken photos of my co-workers and animated them on a flying couch for the online media units. That was a very fun part. Resizing this banner to some 20 different sizes wasn't that much fun...

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Battle of the Bands2

More of the websites (Jeez, it's like I didn't do anything other than the bloody websites over there, and I surely am! This is a Chevy Battle of the Bands Concept - Close-up on the portion above fold. I always thought it looked spectacular, since other designers would...

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CD Covers

CD Cover Designs for Chevy Music (Silverado). It's strange that I (as a digital creative) actually got pulled many times by Chevy Traditional design teams (print, that's the CMYK things in 300dpi and all that jazz). Once I jumped in to help on some small project, they...

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