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Lincoln Wishlist Mobile

2015 Lincoln Wishlist - Mobile edition Unit for Weather.com - Comp phase.  Images for different weather situations (day, night, snow, rain, sun, you get it)... The challenge here was how to strategically place the logo (in the small space provided for branding), while...

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Lincoln.com Billboard

2015 Lincoln.com Homepage Billboard for Wishlist I was in doubt if I should even post a video, but c'mon - the lights are glowing so nicely (and very subtle, so please focus!) This is done by creating a 3-sprite transparent PNG that was coded in HTML to show one of 3...

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Ford Car Platform

New Car Platform (Ford) - New MYCO units for the recently introduced Car Platform - HTML5. We've gone a long way since the early days of Flash MYCO banners with 6 frames and 17 CTA's. This is a clean set of MYCO banners that was developed over the last few weeks. I...

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Image Splash Effect

This is one of my latest designs, a watercolor splash in few shapes and colors, that you can use on any photo. Just import your image in a smart object following instructions and pick the look you like. That's it.

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Old Script Logo

A client who's logo was designed by me, just sent me a photo of a beautiful box with the logo engraved in pearl script. I bet he paid a lot for it, but it looks really great.

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Lincoln CTA Redesign

I am working on an interesting project - redesign of main Lincoln's CTA (button) look (shape/font/colors )- for websites and online media; on desktops, mobile, tablet, etc. I've decided to morph the shape of Lincoln vehicle's "butterfly" grill with the old "skewed"...

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F-150 Mastheads

It's getting really busy here. Lincoln Sales events, MYCO redesigns for Ford (Car and Truck) and Lincoln, Library online media, applying the new Lincoln art styles from NY based agency Hudson Rouge, while sending comps back for their comments, re-creating our online...

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CNN Lincoln Pushdown is Live

One of my recent units, a Summer Event Lincoln Pushdown went LIVE on CNN (08/12/15). It is a pencil size banner that expends to 970x400, plays video and collapses. Check out the video below. It's based on the latest Summer Lincoln look and...

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Site Maintenance

OK, This is a big one. I am re-doing my 2 years old website. Why, you ask? I will tell you. Even though, I am getting thousands of hits a day, my bounce rate was high - which means that most people would check my homepage only, never going any deeper. That's sad,...

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That's it. After 3 long years I am finally off to the old country (and several others). I need to recharge my batteries, it was crazy 3 years without my family, Adriatic, Chevapi, Burek, beautiful city people and everything else. Hasta la vista, see you again in a...

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ScaryPoster Website

Since Halloween is approaching fast, I've decided to consolidate some of my best Horror/scary posters and designs (in a form of easy to use design templates available for download) and I've made a one pager called www.scaryPoster.com. With some basic SEO it's already...

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Lincoln, oh Lincoln

It's always nice to see something you've spent so much time on (with the rest of the company) finally taking shape and getting published. We did many home page takeovers, summer sale banners, units, TV commercials - all following the new look and feel. Now the problem...

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