(Yet Another) Music Video

OK This is an interesting one. Few years back, Scott Sprague and I (the unbeatable Blindspot Production Force from Russell Studios) did the music video for a popular Albanian pop-star. It was a gig, we shot the video, we got paid and went home. Well, not so fast. Now I’ve found out that she had someone else add few scenes (keyboard, few floating clouds, nothing major) and they actually put their tag on the video, signing as the producer (some Sebastian), from Albania.


That’s funny, because they did not use the hi-res footage we provided, but instead they edited the compressed, youtube version (lol) making all the facial blurs I did (you do strange things to hide wrinkles and other imperfections on clients who want to look 30 years younger) into jagged, lo-res error-like glitches and smudge clouds.

Well, I guess that’s what you get for trying to go around the people who really, indeed did your video. Another thing, if you were wondering, yes- that’s my arm playing on the guitar (I did not play on that song, I just filmed myself in my living room trying to cover up for the lack of instruments in the video, since she came to the shoot without any band mambers).  So, I have never shown this version to anyone, but here you have it – a popular Albanian pop star in a lo-res frankenstein video in all it’s glory!

Filmed in few hours and edited in a day at the Russell Industrial Center where Blindspot Studios are located – Detroit, MI in 2012 (I think)

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