Chevy Badges

Backstage passes, badges designs I did for Chevy Music. Chevy did a lot of advertising by using musicians, popular bands and music portals / players and social media. Facebook was not out yet but Chevy had ideas for it's own social media based on music and fans.

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CD Covers

CD Cover Designs for Chevy Music (Silverado). It's strange that I (as a digital creative) actually got pulled many times by Chevy Traditional design teams (print, that's the CMYK things in 300dpi and all that jazz). Once I jumped in to help on some small project, they...

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CD Design Ingray

6 Page Booklet/CD design for Ingray "Away" (check Music section) Working on my stuff was always fun. Spent so much time doing perfect retouching and paying attention to so many invisible details. If you'd like to listen to it, it's available on iTunes but it's more...

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