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CD Cover Design

Recently I did a CD Cover design for a Hip-Hop artist from Detroit. It was a job I did while designing a website for a client (an IT company from Chicago) and my PunkGraphic.com site that just went live few days ago. In the last 15 years or so, I've designed some 200...

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Rock Design

I was doing graphic and web design for other bands even before I was doing it for my own bands. Lately, since I am so busy with so many projects, I only help bands I really like and appreciate. One of them is Madam X (they had some major MTV hits in the 80's and got...

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VEVO Featured

Today I got 2 songs (music videos) featured on VEVO. "In My Veins" and "One Last Call" are being distributed by a major music channel. Pretty exciting,...

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New Ironman H.U.D. Interface

It's almost done! My new Ironman's In-Mask H.U.D. Interface design template is coming very soon! Check few screenshots and subscribe to receive more info about this extremely easy to use and customize downloadable .PSD file.

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Metal Mania(c)

I just learned that some of my songs are included in the famous "Dark Asylum", a UK based metal radio portal that features most of the popular metal/industrial/goth/punk rock releases. They are featuring my music on their online radio and video stream. I found it out...

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DownloadSoho New Items

Good news for all PS Action lovers: Now all DesignSoho files are only $3 each! It's no joke - ALL THE PREMIUM FILES ARE ONLY $3! To put it in perspective, this is what you get for $3: - 9 Action Set "Seasons", - 23 Action Set "Elementary Hipster", - 12 Action Set...

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Hipster Black Board Design

I am not a big hipster fan, but I get to do more of those designs in one way or another. I've pretty much mastered hipster cross processing, colors, fonts, and all that. Here is another example I did tonight for a client in LA (restaurant), who wanted a very hipster...

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69 Eyes USA Fan Page Design

This was a very fun one - Since I love the '69 Eyes', I really enjoyed designing their USA FAN Facebook page. The band loves it too. They also love my cover of their song Graveland that's my 1st single from my new album. Sweet, isn't it?

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New Album (And Single)

I've just released my new 2CD set "First 20 Years - The best of 1995-2015". Also there is the first single, "Graveland" who's video will be out in few months. Album has 23 tracks and it's available on iTunes, Amazon, Spotify, Rhapsody, Shazam, Google, etc. However it...

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