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I’ve been working on this new website for few weeks now. Every time I think I’m close to completion, I remember some 50 other cool jobs I haven’t included. the truth is that I can’t possibly include all the best stuff I’ve ever done (not even the best recent stuff), because I am using 4 computers in 3 different locations, my client stuff don’t always get backed up, and in most cases – I am just bored to save designs for my portfolio. It’s like my portfolio is already so big that these few random examples included here are already gonna be overwhelming. It really is.

So hopefully after another week of occasional work on this site, it will go live. I am still so busy doing other stuff, my puppy wants to play when I’m home, my wife wants to hang out after my work at the Agency…so there isn’t much time for my website now. (yes, I still maintain my other 4 design websites, stores, etc).

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