My “The Worst Of” Album I’ve mentioned here some time ago is finally coming out in April or this year. It is a 2 CD set, called “The First 20 Years – The Worst Of 1995-2015”. It is compiled from songs from my projects AXA, INGRAY, OLC and featuring some of my solo singles, including one (two for european market) never before released songs. Also there will be 3 songs in my native language, strategically placed at the end of the record. The LP’s are NOT gonna be available, this is 2015 and if I did the LP’s I would probably do the cassette tape as well…

In the meantime, you can check out my other albums and music:

Solo Singles/Albums including OLC

project INGRAY

project AXA

1- Dead Bird
2- Graveland
3- Pressure
4- Theme
5- Somewhere Safe
6- Closer Away
7- Dodge
8- Scream
9- One Last Call
10- You Believe Me
11- Drifter
12- In My Veins
13- Father
14- Far Away
15- Killing Time
16- Faceless
17- Honeythief
18- Liar
19- Budi Bez Sna
20- Sudnji Dan
21- Putujem
22- Confession
23- Jolene

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