What I am very good at – Summary.
Also: what I am NOT very good at: Engine repair, construction, operating heavy machinery (including powered screwdrivers), Krav Maga, Flying a plane, Flying a kite, Flying a drone, Identifying celebrities…What I am very, very bad at: Tolerating Nickleback, Believing in justice, Talking about reality shows, Playing a Trombone. And finally what I really SUCK at: Flying under radar, Acting as if I am not horrified of mediocrity, Playing stupid and acting like nothing is happening. I am so bad at it, that I don’t even try. Maybe it’s the remains of 0.0012% of the Viking blood in me. Maybe it’s just my European ‘bluntness’, or some karmic inheritance. I don’t know. At this point, I certainly don’t care.

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