I was doing graphic and web design for other bands even before I was doing it for my own bands. Lately, since I am so busy with so many projects, I only help bands I really like and appreciate. One of them is Madam X (they had some major MTV hits in the 80’s and got recently re-united). I’ve done their logo, CD covers, video editing and recently, Scott (Sprague) and I did a series of studio photos for the band. This is just a small sample of the work.
(Some of my other music clients include Maxine Petrucci, Ingray, AXA, Oliver Dragojevic, SpyderBaby, Lies Unknown, Kevin Sharpe (Metro37), HC, The 69 Eyes (USA Fan Club), Chris Lieck Studios, Cleanse, and many more. I also did professional CD/DVD cover design for several European labels for few years).

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