My Artwork

Traditional art examples. Oil on canvas. Watercolor. Pencil. Pen. Pastels. Digital art. I draw and paint since I know about myself.

My father was a popular and respected painter with annual exhibitions and tours. There are galleries in Europe that still have many of his work pieces, and the walls in my house are full of my dad’s oil canvases. I will never reach that level of artistry, (and I’m not even trying). Still, I often enjoy trading my tablets and keyboards for a pencil and a piece of a paper. It relaxes me. I’ve illustrated many books (for grownups and for children), I’ve exhibited many times in the US and EU and before PS, I used to airbrush my presentations. I often draw during my work meetings and then use those sketches for something larger afterwards.

See many more examples of my traditional artwork in the Creative Designs / Art & Design & Retouch / Painting & Illustration Segment.

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