Liquid Red

I’ve done FX (special effects) for 2 scenes of the high-budget film “Liquid Red”  –

An outside view of the building scene, while the main actress is crossing the road (Since it’s in a distant world, damaged by WWIII) I’ve enlarged it, deleted parked cars and parameters, added holes, smoke, damages).

Another scene is an artistic one with 3 meteors flying over the city and over the actress’s head. I’ve used Photoshop and AfterEffects for these effects. The third one I never got done, since I got hired for a large music video project. The last FX was supposed to be deleting of some people’s faces and reflections. I was looking forward to it, but it would take way too much of my time.

Watch these 2 short clips of the FX I’ve done for the movie “Liquid Red”

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