Short Indie Film done by me and few close friends is about crime and remorse. Story about two thugs who, after murdering a girl at the party, die in a car crash (without even knowing it), only to face Angel of Death, who will make them beg for forgiveness before crossing on the other side. That’s a very short description, but it will help to understand the story while watching.

This drama/sci-fi movie is filmed on locations in Detroit.
Official Selection 2011 Detroit Windsor Festival,
Winner – 2011 Ferndale Film Festival (Best Alternative/Fantasy Short).

Done on negative budget in 2011, utilizing talent and dedication of few people, this short has gained popularity in indie circles. Directed by Scott Sprague, edited, (including post production, FX and original music score) by Haris Cizmic. (Original motion picture soundtrack available on iTunes). Oh, I’ve also had 3 roles in it: I was a Lift-boy, I was in┬áthe party scene (impossible to spot) and I was a sexy Priest digging a grave in the middle of the night (symbolizing that horrible car accident that killed those 2 bad boys).

Filmed by Mike Shiappacasse and Phil Lupo. Story by Scott, Haris and Mike while brainstorming on Absynthe.
Official music video featuring Rocquel Wallace and David Dupuie, written and performed by Haris Cizmic, produced at Metro37Studios.
Watch the official music video here

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