It’s been a while since I did my previous video reel (HERE) which I just recently put on youtube. It was served straight from my old website (yea, that Web 1.0 old technology, yikes). So recently I started feeling the need for another video reel (this time in HD), since so much creative $hitte happened in the last few years. I started cutting 2 days ago. I finished the same day, deciding that I won’t go in depth about my music videos, TV commercials, Film projects and FX, that I’ll completely leave my music, traditional art and illustration out of it and also that I will totally omit all my web design and print stuff. For that there is a list of sites below to see.

I cut my graphic design section very short too. I’ve mostly focused on some online media units, homepage takeovers and animations done for Ford and Lincoln. I’ve figured if I put most of the stuff I created recently in the reel, it would be a full-length movie. Or a sitcom.
So, I tried to keep it clean and short. Still it’s running for some 8 min, even tho I am showing multi-screen and cutting stuff down drastically.  Well, so much about the intro. See it below and enjoy watching:)
for more about my web design, graphic design, print, and other stuff please check,, and
my GraphicRiver portfolio

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