This is just a small selection of mostly live videos of performances in different US venues; bars, clubs, theaters. Video selection is not based on quality (since it is made of fan made videos, clips found and collected all over the web, some official music videos, some interviews, and some randomly stitched, unofficial videos made by fans and 3rd party individuals – thank you for your support!).
Variety of this selection showcases my music projects (AXA, INGRAY, OLC, HC) as a colorful, genre-less, eclectic library of sound, atmosphere, feeling and emotion. Regrettably, many of my best shows were never recorded; Many interviews, press releases, concerts, live student-radio performances and behind-the-scene footages never survived, or were never edited/included in any video format. However, this is a nice little collection that will paint a (fraction of the) picture of my music career (not counting my work as a producer,  music written for theater & TV and writing for international festivals and other musicians, which I love doing). Check out my Music PAGE.

If you are in possession of some forgotten footage that should be included here, please drop me a note and a link, so I can add it. Thank you.

Haris Cizmic, Detroit, MI 2016

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