Some of my most serious personal CG & FX & Post work was done for a film Liquid Red (acting as a vendor for a production company) in 2011. Here I’ve done a CG animation of large meteors slowly filling the sky, flying above Detroit’s buildings. In anothe shot, I’ve turned a Detroit building into a war zone by adding animated smoke, adding bullet holes and shelling marks, cracks and large holes in the building. I’ve also removed¬†all the cars and some traffic light wires that were not needed in the shot. Rendering in 4K was fun, but thanks to my custom production beast, it went flawless.

¬†– Special Effects done for a high-budget movie “Liquid Red”, 2011 (screenshots). Animation, video retouch, roto, 3D, rendered in 4K –

liquidred2 liquidred3 liquidred4

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