Some of my most serious personal CG & FX & Post work was done for a film Liquid Red (acting as a vendor for a production company) in 2011. Here I’ve done a CG animation of large meteors slowly filling the sky, flying above Detroit’s buildings. In anothe shot, I’ve turned a Detroit building into a war zone by adding animated smoke, adding bullet holes and shelling marks, cracks and large holes in the building. I’ve also removed all the cars and some traffic light wires that were not needed in the shot. Rendering in 4K was fun, but thanks to my custom production beast, it went flawless.

 – Special Effects done for a high-budget movie “Liquid Red”, 2011 (screenshots). Animation, video retouch, roto, 3D, rendered in 4K –

liquidred2 liquidred3 liquidred4

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