Freebie Design Templates

Here you can download some of my design templates and use them on your projects.

Ironman’s HUD Display Mockup

– Coming soon to This is one of my best sellers on a design template marketplaces, but here you’ll be able to get it for free. Subscribe on the homepage, so you’ll be notified when this file is available for free download.

If you can’t wait to get this file for free (and you really, really want it), you can purchased it by clicking the button below.

14 Pro Photo Looks

This original file is a result of many months of tweaking and adjusting, so it will work with virtually any kind of photos/images. It will process your assets with 14 basic effects, plus there is a halftone grunge print pattern you can use, plus all the combinations of effects that you can make – ONLY by turning layers on and off!

Create many unique looks by randomly turning layers on/off, then you can even play with their blend modes and opacity for even more looks!


B/W Artsy PS Action

This Photoshop Action creates artistic black and white effect with text (from Jane Austin’s “Pride & Prejudice”), in a very modern and fashionable, stylish way. Just install the action (by double-clicking it) and it will show in your “Actions” palette.

Open the folder called “Color to Black Ink” and you’ll see a sub-folder with the same name. Click on it and press “play” underneath. It will work for some time (not long) and you’ll get this cool effect applied to your photo!


Letterpress Effect (PSD)

Here, with this file you can add the Old Letterpress Effect to literally anything, from logos, drawings, text, vectors to photos. It’s easier than it looks. Just double-click the layer “DOUBLE_CLICK_TO_EDIT”, then paste your artwork (or type the text) in the new layer (and delete my example).

When you’re done resizing and positioning, save that window and close it. Your main file will be updated with the new art. Enjoy this file I made exclusively for you.


Hand Written Font “Never Neverland”

This hand made font comes in 2 versions: Regular Never Neverland and Swirled Never Neverland. You can install fonts by double clicking the .ttf or .otf font files.

To use them, just open your application after you install the font, and it should be in your drop down font list. I’ve made this font for one of the marketplaces where it sells for over $10. Here, you can download it as my gift to you.


Old Western “Wanted” Poster

Vintage, grunge and dirty – It will turn ANY photo into an old black and white photo, just like the old western posters. To insert your image, right click on the Image Holder layer (inside the “image” layer group, choose “Edit Contents” and it will open a space for you to paste your image (in the layer “paste image here”).

List of downloadable fonts is included as well as the links to some of my other “Western” posters. This file is selling on a marketplace for $6 but you can have it here for free.


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