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New Album “The worst of…” is Out!

My new album is a 2CD set. Digitally remastered tracks from my projects AXA, Ingray, OLC and solo stuff. Including few never released tracks. Music Video is also coming soon. https://itunes.apple.com/us/album/first-20-years-worst-95-15/id982360729

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This is the site I made to sell some of my Premium Actions for Photographers and Creative Professionals, but it is growing, so I will offer some other goodies and fonts as well. It's a modern, wordpress based site, with full width background vides and ultra cool...

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Fun Video Project

Yesterday I've done a short 25-sec promo video for a cosmetic company. It was a fun and refreshing thing to do;  I'll edit another, longer video for the company soon. It's a line of custom made lip gloss products, that people will be able to customize and order...

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The First 20 Years

My "The Worst Of" Album I've mentioned here some time ago is finally coming out in April or this year. It is a 2 CD set, called "The First 20 Years - The Worst Of 1995-2015". It is compiled from songs from my projects AXA, INGRAY, OLC and featuring some of my solo...

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Bad Student

I've made my first official "Font design". It's a hand-written kinda hipster-ish font called "Bad Student". It is available for download, and there is already some interest in it.  Maybe I do some more fonts now, if I have time...

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Chalk Board Designs

I do many chalkboard designs when I have time, as one of the creative services on a small scale. I've designed some Chalk Boards featuring some Duck Dynasty guy, lol...Turning the photo into a chalk drawing was fun. I did some digital but also some hand drawing here....

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Fast Retouch

Today I had a quick firedrill and had to help a co-worker with some fast retouch. She was struggling with few video screenshots that she had to use for web, in a pretty decent resolution (1,100 pix wide). The video was highly compressed, and in 720p.  On top of...

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Macko Flack – Whaaaa?

I've found some old VHS tapes from the mid-90's with footage of my band "Macko Flack". Macko Flack was a rock band from Sarajevo, (Bosnia) that existed from 1993 to 1996. We performed in clubs (without electricity or heating) during the Bosnian War, usually powered by...

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DownloadSoho is growing

OK...what I initially thought it's gonna be a small one-item sales page is now turning into a full website. DownloadSoho is definitely more than 1 action shop. When I've realized that I get between 50-120 visits a day (which is not bad for a brand new domain. For...

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